Management of real estate assets

It consists of the set of activities aimed at maximizing the value of the real estate of a natural or legal person and the creation of an investment portfolio, even for those who do not have real estate, but want to support the fruits of their work with investments of this type. This includes portfolio management, carrying out operations with real estate, as well as the constant evaluation of the market for decision-making on the transactions to be carried out.

The process

In 3 simple steps


Previous evaluation

The first stage of the real estate asset management process consists of a detailed evaluation of the client's objectives, their investment horizon and short and long-term financial objectives.


Strategy Development

Based on the initial evaluation, adding our experience and skills, we develop an immediate management strategy that establishes the priorities, deadlines and methods for each operation to be carried out.


Implementation and monitoring

Finally, the strategy is implemented and constant monitoring is carried out to ensure that the established objectives and goals are becoming a reality.

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